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A story described in texts

Monday 6/27/22

C: I wrote another story tonight. It's about a guy who was officially dead for seven seconds after his second heart attack

C: People ask him what it was like, and he sort of BS's about the music he heard

C: Like he says it was this Miles Davis album so more people will check it out

C: He has a wife and young-ish kids

C: The guy and his wife are at this party of these horrible neighbors who are English professors at the local college

C: They call the cops every time a black guy jogs through the neighborhood but have all of the social justice filters on their FB accounts

C: So he tells them that he heard Bread's "Baby I'm-A Want You" when he was dead

C: The professor guy gets all serious, like he's going to filch it for some poem or something, and starts talking about God and kitsch, with his wife staring at him like he's the oracle and how special she is to get to hear this brilliance all of the time, though he's a complete tool, of course

C: They leave, and decide to walk around the block. It's summer. They're counting the fireflies, saying "there's another one," which seems to be this game they have. They joke about the neighbors. He calls them the Fuckoffersons, and she's sort of buzzing--or coming down from her 1.5 glasses of wine--and says that the wife professor even looks like a dried vagina

C: But he's scared, and she's scared. About losing him

C: She starts telling him this story about how she misheard these Air Supply lyrics when she was eleven

C: And it becomes this other thing. And he tells us--not her--what he saw and heard when he was dead

C: And they get home. The kids' bikes are at the bottom of the driveway, all tangled. He says "Damn bikes," where once he would have said "damn kids," and he knows she notices that. Just like he's the one moving the bikes, which she's letting him do, because he's supposed to be fine now, but again, he's scared, and he talks about fear as though it were this string that was plucked, and produced a note of incredible sustain. And it all ties in to the mishearing of his Air Supply song, and these fireflies

C: It's called "The Hereafter of Air Supply"


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