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A warning to the curious

Tuesday, 1/1/19

It is the quality of the work that matters, not the depth of your grudge.

In the instances when it is obviously the grudge--and, what's more, a grudge not born of any ill-treatment by me--and not the work that is the deciding factor, there will be a reckoning.

It will be a public and fact-based, truth-based, reckoning.

The injustice will be presented in empirical terms, and the injustice, the lack of professionalism, the lack of equity, will be obvious to every single last independent third party who views these empirical results, sourced from what would have been a dossier built up over many years by someone in a unique position--for many reasons--to put that record of events together.

No one seeing these facts will be able to deny what has happened and why it has happened. It will say volumes about the person behind that behavior, and the practices at the venue at which they work.

Such a reckoning is something you are going to wish did not happen, after it has happened. Don't give it reason to.

Several years ago, a friend of twenty-plus years, who is now a university provost, remarked to me, "You are the the kind of person who gets nailed to a cross."

Is that true? I don't think it is.

But you're welcome to try. Though now it's time for different things, for your own sake.


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