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Wednesday 8/12/20

There is no point to this. The world hates greatness. It does not want it. The world only wants stupidity and mediocrity. People are simple and they are stupid, and all almost anyone wants are things and people like themselves. They don't care if it doesn't entertain them, interest them, anything, so long as it is like what they like. Stupidity and mediocrity is what the world is all about. There is no place for greatness in this world. There is zero fucking interest in it, and it only makes people hate and fear you and want nothing to do with you or what you do. The greater you are, the less this world will want to have anything to do with you, and I cannot figure out a fucking solution for the life of me. What is the fucking point, God? To torture someone? Like it's some sick game? I honestly don't see how death isn't better than this. I honestly don't even see how nothingness isn't better than this.


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