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All planned work is also truly improvised

Wednesday 1/27/21

* A lot of writing is memory, math, geometry, engineering, anticipation, association. By memory I don't mean digging into the recesses of one's past. I mean perfect recall of what has already been created. Always present in the mind. Word combinations and words produce challenges of associations. You are replying to a challenge you've set up for yourself. That can be with a turn of phrase playing off of what you just created; but each word is a creative response to the one prior to it. The work dictates direction. The series of explosions, like in the chamber of a gun. All planned work is also truly improvised. There is nothing in this world that is harder to master.

* One of the largest circulation newspapers in America, with one of the most read op-ed sections, published an excellent op-ed of mine, featuring it as a guest column. They have refused to pay me.

* I walked three miles today, walked six yesterday and ran ten hill sprints.

* I must go. I have bigots, cowards, and thieves to defeat.

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