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Monday 1/29/24

I had suggested in these pages that the Ravens' Zay Flowers could be a breakout star next year, but he really cost his team last night. In all of his time at BC, I never saw him do anything as stupid as he did with that taunting penalty that knocked Baltimore back fifteen yards when they needed to score and time was becoming an issue. Then on the same drive he fumbled just as he should have been going into the end zone.

Beyond that, I don't think you can win with a quarterback who looks to run first and pass second like Lamar Jackson does. It's just an inefficient way to play.

In the other game what more do you need to say other than you need to be able to tackle?

Ran 3000 stairs, did 100 push-ups.

Came up with another story this AM but have not formally started it. Writing a Beatles piece now.

This harvest blend tea is so aromatic. Yes, I know in this matter that I sound like an eighty-four-year-old grandmother.

Nothing like looking at a dating profile and the first sentence you see is "Cat mama." It's a wonder I don't create a little flick of fire with how quickly I shoot that to the left. Also, pet dander is not a garment and should not be treated as such.

Reading Nightmare Abbey. Mr. Peacock had himself some fun, didn't he? Ironically, his own name sounds like it could be one of the satirical names he gives his characters. I have been thinking about including the book in this Athena's Annex volume.


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