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Baseball "trivia" question

Sunday 2/4/24

I'll begin today with a baseball trivia question that is not really trivia because in order for something to be trivia there has to be a fact behind it and this is not a fact, but I think there is a clear-cut right answer. People who are out in the world now or reading these pages later in a book can play along and see if they can come up with the answer. Ready?

Who is the best player never named to the baseball Hall of Fame ballot?

This is just the ballot we're talking. Players who play for ten years or more and have a nice career but who are obviously not Hall of Famers get named to the ballot, they get a few votes or maybe none, and then they drop off the ballot. Kevin Youkilis was clearly not a Hall of Fame player but he made the ballot and he should have.

This player I'm talking about is not only by far the best player never to make the Hall of Fame ballot, he's someone I think should be in the Hall of Fame itself.

Think it over, as Buddy Holly said!


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