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Betts, Lennon, Grammer

Tuesday 12/5/23

Mookie Betts is going to be the Dodgers' everyday second baseman next season, which is neat. I can't think of a single historical comp for what Betts will be doing--moving, at that stage of a career, from the outfield to second base. Shortstops move from short to second, but this may well be unprecedented.

Watched the three-part docu-series John Lennon: Murder Without a Trial this morning and wrote a 2200 word piece about it.

Saw yesterday that Kelsey Grammer was in trouble because he voiced support for Trump and "He's a MAGA!!! So let's get him!!!" All of these comments about how people used to like Grammer but now that they know this bit of information they hate him, he's a Nazi, etc.

There's this thing out there called reality. If a person knew--I mean really knew--about anyone, they wouldn't like them. What about all of the athletes who cheat on their wives? You think your favorite player would never do that, do you? How would you feel if you were the spouse?

If people really knew--I mean really knew--about themselves, they wouldn't like themselves.

But that's the whole trick of life for most people, isn't it? How to delude themselves about what they really are, or avoid knowing who they are, facing who they are, whatever it takes to not deal in the reality.

People sure do love to feign outrage. But the thing about feigning anything is is that if you do it enough, it becomes real for you--I mean, it becomes who you really are.

Fake something enough, and it can replace what used to be there. Like, a person.

I did learn yesterday, at least, that Kelsey Grammer the person seemed to no more like the dog on Frasier than Frasier the character did. I don't find that surprising.

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