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Big E

Friday 1/15/21

Walked twelve miles, did ten hill sprints. The weather is mild, the hill was soft because of the thaw, with mud at the base.

My four-year-old niece Lilah sent me this beautiful piece of art work. I told her I was super impressed and I love getting art from her, which is definitely true. (That's Hallway Hermey's hand on the left where he was holding down the paper.)

Today on the street a woman called me a "cocksucker" and must have said the word "fuck" in some form or other a good half dozen times, with a "cunt" sprinkled in for dramatic flourish. The mask people. Sadly, I was forced to comment that she was a forest hag. These things happen.

Sent my other niece Amelia a birthday present for her first birthday--an Eeyore stuffed animal. The Big E. The thinker of the Hundred Acre Wood. You can tell a lot about someone by how they feel about Eeyore.


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