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Monday 7/18/22

Someone reading Brackets wrote me: "I've never read a book better than this book. I am blown away over and over again. But it makes me so angry reading it, because it's obviously better than everything out there, and it's not close, and these people are doing what they are doing to you, which is worse than criminal. I find that I carry that anger around with me after I experience your work and this book. All day. Into the next day. I cannot imagine how you feel. I have to remind myself not to take it out on my family. That's how angry I get. These people are bad. They are as bad as people can be. They should seriously be in jail and never come out again for what they are doing to you. And it's so blatant."

I wrote a story today called "Say What You Mean." I came up with ideas for two other stories. They could go in Become Your Own Super Hero, which is a work of fiction in which the stories have some connection to the events of the day. This book was previously completed, but it is changing now. I just wrote an op-ed on David Ortiz, for the baseball Hall of Fame induction ceremony on this coming Sunday.

Saw that the bitch king Chris Sale got hurt again yesterday. That's shocking. Someone will say there was nothing he could do about it, fluke accident, etc. How about not giving up rockets like that, superstar? Fake tough guy. And if it wasn't this, it would have been something else. Biggest fraud in Boston sports history. Tough guy who can't even play in Canada because he won't get a shot, fucking over his teammates, but he's the best teammate ever he wants you to believe, and he'll fuck up a clubhouse TV if you don't buy that. Such a loser this guy. Just go away. Never come back. Go pitch for like the Diamondbacks and win a National League ERA title with the minimum number of innings needed to qualify and 8 wins. Hail the bitch king. Alex Cora has become a John McNamara. Is there a Joe Morgan out there?

Walked six miles. Did 100 push-ups.

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