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Brady, Brady's future

Sunday 1/5/20

A disappointing Patriots loss, but not a surprising one. The Titans played well and Vrabel knew exactly what he wanted his team to do and they were able to do it. I fell asleep before the final few plays--after the punt to the one-inch line or whatever it was. I awoke this morning and took a quick look around. What is interesting is the glee--which has this cruel, even sadistic edge to it--that I see in the remarks. Even from people I like and nominally like. Sort of like. Don't despise. Their comments--which are not comments of criticism--have this nasty energy to them that I think says a lot about who they are and/or their own discontent with who they are.

I have discontent with where I am, on account of what has happened and what is. My problems are external. At this juncture, there are few that are internal. I have it all worked out internally; from self-awareness to the person I wish to be and ought to be, the artist I have evolved into and who continuously evolves. I would say the opposite is true for these people. True, they live much simpler lives, with lower stakes. But avariciously declaring that Brady is done, that his coach not only doesn't want him back but saying so with this added element as if his coach loathes him?

I'm embarrassed for these people. I have noticed that they wear their hate--and their self-hate--like arm bands, and they cherry-pick hate. They will say the most hateful things about politicians they don't like, politicians who are not nearly as loathsome as they bleetingly insist on social media, politicians who never evince as much hate and anger as these people do, and they can't see it. (They also can't see who it will get elected, they can't see that they're a central, larger problem themselves, they can't see that they do more of what they complain about than anyone else they ceaselessly attack in the name of "do-gooding" and "political awareness" and "social justice." Their tone is so often vituperative, laced with acid.) Not that that they have the self-awareness to notice how they come across. Will the Patriots move on from Brady? Perhaps. Does Belichick want him gone? I don't know that at all. They didn't give him a multiyear deal, he's a free agent come mid-March. I don't see what not giving a forty-something QB a multiyear deal has to do with wanting him or not. That just seems smart and good business and team-building. The case is special--you cannot over-commit. Doesn't mean you would be shocked if he won an MVP for you the year after you have him signed through--after you signed him again.

What I saw last night was a quarterback with no chance. Or little chance. I think Brady was better this year than in 2007, contextually. I think a lot of guys could have had his numbers--ballpark--in 2007. He hit Welker, who was wide open ten yards away, or he chucked it up into the air to Moss, and accuracy was never really a thing. Wasn't that relevant. This year, another QB, with these windows, would have thrown 20 interceptions, taken a lot of sacks, thrown for 3200 yards.

I'm watching that game last night, and he has inches of space in which to deliver the ball.

Separation was nonexistent. He completed a pass to Ben Watson--a has-been TE who was his most relied upon receiver, probably because he knows what he is doing, unlike the rookie Harry, who clearly has no clue--early in the game and Watson was pumped with the gain, and I was thinking, "Cool it, dude, you couldn't even get a foot of separation, he had to thread the needle from twenty yards away." Romo made the same comment I made on here yesterday, about Brady's velocity, the zip on his ball. He will likely play next year. I expect him to play at least three more years. If he goes to a loaded offensive team, he will be the MVP--or in the running. But I expect he will return to New England, and 2020 won't be his last season with the team. I would say they're more likely to move on from Edelman before Brady. His age is more of a factor in his play. Or he's hurt. But either way, age is taking a toll on him. He's not open either.

As for the people screaming, shouting, dancing with happiness that the dynasty is over: You're not very bright. Most years the Patriots do not win the Super Bowl. That's their norm. Their norm, during this dynasty, is to go about 12-4 and be a contender, and win it all sometimes. As they were this year. Such a sports dynasty ends when you go 5-11, rebuild, miss the playoffs for a year or three. Might that happen here? It could. That's life. Would I expect it to, with or without Brady? No. I don't think it gets enough play that there does not seem to be a guy ready to be their next QB.

You could argue that Brady is where Manning was when he left Indianapolis. I know Manning was a few years younger, but Brady is physically younger, if you know what I mean--he ages slower. Some people age slower, some age faster. Vrabel and I are the same age, for instance. You'd never think we were within fifteen years of each other if we were standing side-by-side. The difference is the Colts knew they had their guy and they had to make a decision. The decision worked out well for both sides. Do the Patriots have that guy? Will they rapidly find that guy? I absolutely think Brady could master another team's offense in short order. But he does seem to love this particular offense. He could weigh uprooting his life, uprooting his football culture, against just being done, even though he doesn't wish to be done, and be done, even. My only point is, this isn't a guy who has slipped. You can occasionally put balls in those windows, but you can't do it twenty-seven times a game, even if you're bloody Robin Hood.

(Speaking of Robin Hood: Have you ever seen more beautiful color in film than in the 1939 Errol Flynn picture? I also rewatched the opening sequence of Touch of Evil last night. Astounding how subtly the camera acquits itself. When directors do a long take, you're almost always aware that they are trying to do a muscle flex, like when shitty writers try and do a long sentence. Welles is Brady and Belichick-like, I would say. )

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