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Monday 9/20/21

"Tell me more about yourself" is such a lazy way to talk to somebody. This is a conversation that can only be "successfully" executed between a simple idiot, and another simple idiot. Because it presupposes that the latter can sum up their personage in two lines. Which is how most people are.

But you're going to say this to me? Really? Then wait for the two sentences? "Hmmm, let me see. I am Colin and I do a lot of the writing and I'm originally from a town south of Boston and I like hanging with friends and hiking, and my cock is like a mighty cable that can be used to support a bridge."

The C-Dawg will pass.

And of course it's passive aggressive, because it's someone else making someone else do the work. Anyone who says the "tell me more about yourself" line has jack shit to say in this life. There are no exceptions. They're not going to have an organic exchange. An organic conversation. A series of these organic exchanges and conversations.

But they are going to be the confused recipient of a "Great, good luck."

Moving on.

This morning I have written an op-ed on Gabby Petito that I'm sure I won't be able to sell. Also, the fourth entry--on what it means to sing this time--in this blog series I'm doing for 33 1/3. I started a story about an ant. I pitched NPR on the Sam Cooke book. Now I'm going to give "The Trellis Wave" a final read.

Apparently the new phrase that the mindless will hammer to death for the next year is, "How to say you don't know blank about blank without saying you don't know blank about blank." Think your own thoughts, say your own words.

What the fuck would make you say, "hey, everyone's saying this phrase, and they're posting it, and rather than think of something on my own, I'll post that phrase too, like it's mine, because I'm so fucking dumb I can't think of anything that's mine, but this is pretty good, I should post it dozens and dozens of times."

"How to say you don't know how sports work without saying you don't know how sports work."


I really don't get how most people live with themselves on any level. I'd be so ashamed. I'd have no self-esteem.


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