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Brownies, sloth, Bruins, fox and badger, note, before there were stairs and then when there was

Friday 2/18/22

One of the first things I do in the morning is take a quick look at the news. I sleep with the phone in the bed because I listen to old radio programs as I sleep. I wake up, I take a quick look. Today I saw that a sloth dangling from a power line had been rescued. That was good. Immediately after that I read about a couple who had been charged with something like 150 sex crimes, the headline being that the woman, who was thirty-six but looked fifty-six, and was a junior high teacher, served her students brownies "laced"--that was the verb--with the husband's sperm. How do you commit 150 sex crimes? I look at people like this and I think the meth must be involved by the looks of them, but I also know that humans are frequently capable of such behavior. Anyway, she was sentenced to forty-one years in prison--do you even want to get out in your late seventies?--which was a lesser sentence because she turned against him, said it was all his fault, etc. You taught children. You were responsible for children. And one night, at the dinner table, or wherever, one of these people pitched the other on the sperm brownies for the kiddies, and that was nothing compared to their threesome with a minor, which was also mentioned, and which they documented on film. And this guy. Wow. Just looking at him.

Watched the first period of the Bruins/Islanders game last night, at the end of which the Bruins were winning 1-0. Then listened to the Bruins studio analysts tell me that the Bruins should put away the Islanders easily. I could not believe their matter-of-fact confidence. I thought, are we watching the same game? Islanders won 4-1. Here's a thought: let Swayman be the guy. Give him the workload. See what he does with it. Enough with the platoon thing. It's like goalies are on a pitch count now and the Bruins have done it that way for a while because you had to with Rask. He's gone. Let this young goalie show his stuff and try to build a rhythm. This team isn't strong enough to go anywhere unless they get top-level goaltending. Can he provide that on a nightly basis? I don't know. But he's their best shot.

I saw a video in night vision where this fox is about to go into a culvert to pass under a road, and it stops and waits for this badger--I guess they were friends--to catch up so that they can pass through together. The fox is all agile and swift, and the badger comes plodding along, all workmanlike. Then they disappear into the culvert together.

My expectations for humans are lower than they are for animals.

I sent this to someone today: "Hey. You seem like a nice person and a smart person. Witty and fun. This is none of my business, really, but please take this in the kind spirit in which it is meant: don't call yourself a behemoth. You're being cruel to yourself, and you don't deserve that. It's one thing to be transparent, as you put it, regarding body type, whatever that type may be. But behemoth has an unkind note to it, and a self-flagellating one in this case. Just some friendly advice. Go easier on yourself. Perhaps work in some lifestyle tweaks. I did that personally a bunch of years ago, and change can happen faster than we sometimes think. I hope you meet someone great, and thanks for providing me with a read that stood out from the rest."

Two photos here. In the first, from before City Hall Plaza was built, one can see where my stairs would eventually go. See that statue? That's the statue of Samuel Adams. If you cross the street next to it, moving up the photo, that's where my stairs are. The second photo is from yesterday, taken behind the statue. It's warm now here at twenty past six--albeit wet--so I will go run stairs for today.


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