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Bunches of lunches and pieces and flowers and sounds

Thursday 11/21/19

Heading out to climb. Already showered, though, so it will be only one or two climbs. I did not climb yesterday. Walked three miles and climbed five times on Tuesday. Will call my mom as I climb today. It's her birthday. I wrote an op-ed this morning on the number one form of discrimination in America. Doesn't pertain to skin color. Doesn't pertain to gender. What is it? You'll have to wait and see.

I will be writing about Orson Welles for the TLS. Listened to a lot of John Coltrane yesterday. Ballads and the 1961 Village Vanguard recordings. DownBeat gave the former two stars when it was released in 1963. Interesting. Made Emma her lunch this morning. I leave it outside my door, on a rack that has shoes, a few books, and a vase of sunflowers upon it. I like flowers. When I get my house back in Rockport, and I also have a house on Cape Cod, there will be fresh cut flowers in every room when I am residing in that particular house. I put out a lunch for her on Tuesday, then saw that she had not taken it. I texted asking why, she finally responds saying she didn't have school--parent/teacher conferences--and I can just put the same one out the next day. Gee, thanks, Emma.

Here is a Chicago radio station discussing one of the recent Wall Street Journal op-eds I did, the Oscar the Grouch one. They read some of the piece. And as I'm was listening this morning, I thought that there is no one in American who sounds remotely like this. They sound like a beacon. They sound like someone lighting the way. And I think they are going to be a revolution. When you factor in all that they do. What that is. What they are. Anyway, I will be a guest on this show going forward, starting next Wednesday, when we'll discuss another Wall Street Journal op-ed. Also, here I am discussing Ella Fitzgerald on Downtown on Tuesday night.

I sent the Word file of Chads Say What: Being a Novel Novel in Laughter for People Tired of Crying but Relieved Not to Be a Bro (and the Unification of America) to a friend who had a loss this week to try and brighten her day a little.

Lastly, I am aware of the design/functionality problem with this blog, which people have made known to me. The readers of these pages seem to be quite devout in reading them, and people coming on board late, so to speak, have expressed a desire to read back through all of the posts, to post #1 in early summer 2018. And you can't really do that right now, because of how the blog is laid out, and that the entries don't open in new windows, and you just scroll and scroll and the page resets and you lose your place. The webmaster is aware of the problem. Hopefully it is fixed soon. My bad, manymomentmorians.


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