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Cafe beer

Thursday 1/20/22

It's time to get back into "Up the Sea," and finish that one for There Is No Doubt. I make no secret of my ambition to have There Is No Doubt and Longer on the Inside come out on the same day, to say, "Behold, one human being actually did all of this." Because I don't think it's believable. Save that I have done it. I need a press with some vision, who gets what I am, what I do, and what will come at some point. Let's make some history.

I only ran 1000 stairs today, which is a sorry number, but I have had a hard time getting myself going of late. Hell mounts. But I wanted to get in motion again.

I will write some kind of essay for Halloween, but I've not yet been able to determine what that will be. I'm thinking about a number of possibilities. As I said, I am always working on my future work.

Listened to Andrew Hill's Judgment! today, as well as Art Blakey's Moanin', Dylan at the Beacon in November of last year, and Paul Lewis's first entry in his cycle of Beethoven piano sonatas. How I want to hear that music ringing out in Rockport when I get my house back, from a killer stereo upstairs where I do my writing. Just ringing through the house by the sea.

Was reading Lovecraft at the cafe. It's impossible to go to this cafe and not see this guy in there--about thirty, I'd say--every single time during the day. He wears sweatpants, and he's always drinking a Corona. You can go there at ten in the morning and that's what he's doing. You can go there 100 days in a row and you'll find him in his sweatpants with his beer. He has a kid, and I'm pretty sure a wife. He's not fat or anything, despite always drinking that beer. He gets one after another. It is so odd to me. What the hell does this guy do? He's a local, of course, and he knows a ton of people, and sometimes they sit with him. He watches a lot of soccer, because this is an old school North End cafe. Very rarely is the kid with him. When it is, it's like it has just popped in for a fleeting visit. I don't think he works--I can't see how he could--and I don't think he parents. I think he just sucks down those Coronas.

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