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Classic horror episodes of old time radio programs

Wednesday 10/14/20

Thought I'd assemble some choice seasonal vintage radio programs with a horror focus. One mustn't be fooled by the "old time radio" designation--it's simply a term that refers more to chronology than anything being outmoded. These programs are well-written, well-acted, and great for keeping your imagination in shape, or getting it back in shape, as it were. I listen to them as I sleep.

Program: Escape. Vincent Price working at a lighthouse with a couple other guys and dealing with a rat problem.

Program: Suspense. Orson Welles in the Lucille Fletcher radio play that she wrote specifically with him in mind. Turns up later as a Twilight Zone episode.

Program: Suspense. Gregory Peck does a great job. Twisted and believable.

Program: Quiet, Please. The legendary "The Thing on the Fourble Board."

Program: Suspense. Fun to hear Cary Grant due something so insane.

Program: Suspense. Maybe don't go hunting with Vincent Price.

Program: Suspense. Scary, clever, unrelenting, and has aged well. "Ghost Hunt."

Program: Suspense. "The House in Cypress Canyon." As art, probably the best episode here. Also, the scariest. I honestly don't like to listen to it before bed. Also, kind of a Christmas episode.


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