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Coffee-thermostat, Bruins doing it again, back on the new stairs

Wednesday 5/1/24

The other morning I tried to put on the coffee machine with the thermostat. That was a little concerning. It was like three AM but that didn't make me feel any better when I realized what I was doing.

Downloaded a nice three-disc Bobby Hutcherson set.

My mom told me a funny story today. The other day, right after I talked to Amelia on FaceTime, Amelia turned to my mom and said, "You be my buddy." Amelia likes to pretend. A lot. She wants someone else to pretend to be someone, and she often pretends to be someone. My mom was like, "You want me to be Colin?" and Amelia said, "Yes."

Ah, Boston Bruins: You're doing it again, aren't you? This series is going exactly how the first round series went last year. What are the chances? Home-win, home-loss, road-win, road-win, home-loss in OT. So what now? The Bruins will lose tomorrow in regulation in Toronto and then lose in OT in Game 7 at home? I really could see that happening. The curse of the 65 wins! I knew the Bruins were going to lose after about a minute and a half last night. They were fortunate to score the goal they did.

Toronto is not a smart organization. They have the same kind of roster every year. It's so top heavy, with the money tied up in a few forwards, porous defense, bad goaltending. But they started the wrong guy at the beginning of this series anyway. They went to the other guy last night and got their win to stay alive. That kind of thing can change a series, or it can have come too late.

On the subject of goalies: What if the Bruins lose in Toronto and Swayman gives up a couple soft goals? Then what? See? This is the problem with the double goalie thing. You put yourself in these bad situations. You set yourself up to fail. You make the position of strength a position of problems and difficult decisions. You make it something that bites you in the ass. Will Swayman even start the next game? If you start him, aren't you committed to him for Game 7 if there is one?

Blowing 3-1 first round leads in back-to-back years would be something. Montgomery's head would roll faster than you can say "Guillotine."

Did the exact same workout as yesterday. I like those stairs outside of the Monument. I could actually do both Monument stairs and outside-the-Monument stairs on the same day if I get there late enough. This is a good time of the year to be overdressed for a workout. Why would you want to be overdressed? You sweat more, so that's good. And it's harder, so that's good. Then when it's whatever the temperature was today--upper forties, probably--and I'm walking home in the oft-windy Boston area--and coming across the bridge today--I'm less likely to get sick with the cold sweat and the cold air.


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