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Contents of Just Like Them (Beatles book)

Saturday 4/9/22

Here's the rundown of the subjects in Just Like Them: A Piece By Piece Guide to Becoming the Ultimate Thinking Person's Beatles Fan. It will be in manuscript today.

love songs

Get Back docu-series

Star Club bar band

"Yer Blues"

July 1963 BBC session

Compleat Beatles


15 things you didn't know about Revolver

Macca lyrics

"Strawberry Fields Forever" composition tape

1960 Bathroom Tapes

Beatles in India

"Hey Bulldog"

585 minutes

Sweden '63

"Revolution" take 20

cherry bomb in Memphis 1966

Saturday morning Beatles cartoon

best guitar solos

George Martin fifth Beatle

Magical Mystery Tour film

Christmas fan club records

cinematic art of A Hard Day's Night

Sgt. Pepper

Sgt. Pepper cover art

10 things to know about "A Day in the Life"

Lennon and McCartney meet

Shea Stadium soundboard tape

Yellow Submarine movie

Yellow Submarine LP

best Beatles book

worst Beatles album

"Paperback Writer"

Anthology I

Beatles' annus mirabilis


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