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Sunday 4/25/21

* Working hard on the Scrooge book.

* Have received first page proofs of 33 1/3 Sam Cooke book.

* I'm looking right now at the image that can be used to make the cover of Cheer Pack. I had to search a long time for it, but I had a pretty good idea of what I was looking for. It's an illustration from the 1950s that adorned the top of box of paper dolls. Candy striper dolls. The book opens with "First Responder," which ends at a hospital. The title story references the time someone spent as a hospital volunteer. There's a girl in the foreground of the image with these huge eyes that look right into your soul. There's another girl off to the right, and a nurse at the back in a nursery holding a baby. I'd even change the title with this cover, and subtitle the book, "A Story Book." A Story Book for Adults? An Adult Story Book? It'd be the perfect image. The girl at the front is bearing some flowers, and there's a tag that reads, "Get well." Absolutely perfect cover for the book, if it could be finagled into a design. Of course, if I had a publisher for the book as well. What you'd do is put the main title in red and white letters, and on the card reading "Get well," you'd take that out, and put my name. There'd be the implication that the flowers are coming from the author.

* Not feeling great. A little fever-y, and I have a headache. Walked three miles in the rain. Today marks 1764 days, or 252 weeks, without a drink.

* Pitched Meatheads to someone at Cartoon Network.

* I will paste in some links pertaining to the art and various items of interest I have been immersed in this weekend.

* Pink Floyd had excellent song titles. "Arnold Layne." "See Emily Play." "Grantchester Meadows." "Interstellar Overdrive." "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun." "Astronomy Domine." "Candy and a Currant Bun." That last one is a great, lost 1960s single.

* Have had this 1967 BBC version of "Set the Controls" in my head for a solid forty-eight hours.

* August 1988 Red Sox vs. Tigers game at Fenway. This game would have taken place around the time that "The Cape Path" does in Buried on the Beaches. I love that story. Beautiful story. So real and lived-in. Snatches of conversation about the hot streak the Red Sox were on--and this game would be an example--float in against the backdrop of the drama.

* This is from the early 1950's radio series, The Adventures of Horatio Hornblower, an episode titled "Exam for Lieutenant." Michael Redgrave plays Hornblower. This is early in Hornblower's career, and it's quite faithful to Forester. The same episode became The Fire Ship in the A&E series in the late 1990s.

* Howlin' Wolf live in 1964.

* Howlin' Wolf live in 1966 in Cambridge.

* Howlin' Wolf interviewed in 1967. Fascinating what he says about Jimmie Rodgers, and even does a Rodgers impersonation.

* Here we have a TV film from 1957 called The Night America Trembled which is about Orson Welles's Halloween Eve 1938 War of the Worlds broadcast. No one knows this TV vehicle. I plan to write about it later.

* Son House at Oberlin in April 1965.

* Ferocious Cream set from the Tulip Bulb Auction Hall, Spalding, Lincolnshire, England, 5/29/67. So much atmosphere. You're not going to hear them play much better. Outstanding version of "Toad," with the crowd chanting Ginger Baker's name. This was a multi-artist gig called Barbeque 67 that also featured Pink Floyd and Hendrix. Arguably the first rock festival.

* I know I already said as much, but this cover for Cheer Pack would be absolutely brilliant. Even changes how you could put the book forward. I love the idea of a story book for adults. That term story book redefined here.

* Need to find a home for Cheer Pack. Ditto Longer on the Inside. Get the Beatles book picked up. Have someone commit to the Joy Division book. Now that these other three books are coming out it's all about what's next. The three books are old and done as far as I am concerned. The next bunch is what matters. Also have the cover for Longer on the Inside, actually. But I've had that for a while. Came up with the perfect visual to illustrate the concept. Which would seem like a super hard thing to do, but it was pretty easy.


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