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Copious production

Wednesday 11/9/22

Wrote a 2000 word short story. It's a Christmas story. It needs work and time and the measured hand. But it could be something big.

Revised an essay on Snoopy Come Home for someone. It was 2000 words, had to be 1200. Other changes were requested as well. Did that and filed. Sent idea re: "A Visit from St. Nicholas" in same email.

Took the 1600 word essay on Halloween III and turned it into a 2600 word essay for inclusion in And the Skin Was Gone: Essays on Works of Horror Art. I should be able to sell it as a stand-alone piece next Halloween, too. Would be better not to be in this situation then and not thinking in those terms, but if that ends up being the case, all the better and there will be a new plan for the piece, though it's going in the book anyway. Still have to work on it.

Ran 3000 stairs, did 100 push-ups yesterday.

This is a radio interview I gave last night. The topics I spoke on were the Bruins/Mitchell Miller, Newhart, Gunsmoke, Frankenstein, A Certain Ratio, and Walter Johnson.

For a number of reasons, I've started looking into the possibility and logistics of starting my own podcast. It would cover a range of subjects and would just be me. When this happens, that will be my focus on the spoken word side of things. Anything else I do for anyone else as a guest will be determined by how many listeners I'd be reaching and/or how much I'm paid.

Back to it.


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