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Saturday 2/3/24

Of course you can dance about architecture.

So much of writing is architecture, math, music, and dancing.

Wash, draw, arrojo, barranca.

I went to bed at three last night/this morning and was back at it by five.

I'm nearly done with this new 4000 word work. Been working on it all morning.

I'm too peaceful. It's something I need to get around. I don't want to do things that I know need doing because I am peaceful.

Yesterday someone said to me, "I know you hate this, but you have to fight right now."

Amelia's birthday card finally came. It took over a week to get there. My mom, who was with my niece at the time, said to her, "You got a card from your buddy" and told me that Amelia ripped the envelope, opened the card, saw how how Winnie-the-Pooh reaches out to give you a hug, and then kissed Pooh's cheek.

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