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Day start, Stone Roses rehearsal tape discovery, Van Gogh, Keats, Thoreau, 1985 Mary Chain and the 1966 Dead, college hockey

Monday 2/5/24

Monday morning. Awake early, take out the trash, come back inside and do push-ups by the mailboxes, do more push-ups in the hallway upstairs, drink the coffee left in the pot from Sunday, sit at the desk and get to work.

Last night someone made available an hour-long tape of the Stone Roses rehearsing "Elephant Stone" in 1988. Stunning. Things like this emerge and it's just like, "wow." John Squire handles a lot of the musical directing. Ian Brown's singing is superlative. He's like some Mancunian indie rock choir boy.

People call themselves so many things they're not. Rarely do I think people ever ask themselves, "Am I really this thing?" or "Do I really do this?"

The fewer questions you ask yourself about yourself, the less likely you are to be things it would be useful to be.

I've talked about how Van Gogh was a better writer than a painter as we see with his letters, and one could also argue that Keats' letters offer more to us in revisiting them than do his poems. Somewhat similarly, for all of the references to Thoreau and Walden, the journals really are the work of his life in the sense that they are most emblematic of what Thoreau offers us. They're the incarnate form of what that is.

Downloaded a Jesus and Mary Chain gig from Detroit in December 1985. Also the Grateful Dead at the Matrix on November 29, 1966.

Beanpot tonight. The atmosphere for that second game between BC and BU will be just about as charged as it gets for any sporting event because you have long-time rivals who are both among the best teams in the country, you have the Garden, and an equal amount of passionate fans from both schools, the bands, back-and-forth chants. I bet it's a great game.

Must write now.


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