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Descried with my little eye

Tuesday 4/13/21

Made two trips to the Star Market to cash in coffee tins full of coins.

Sent my soon-to-be-five-years-old niece Lilah a birthday present: three Frog and Toad books and an illustrated volume of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales.

Finally ordered two pairs of new shoes. I've had the same pair of shoes for six years. I'll order sneakers later.

Ran three miles, walked four.

Working on these last two old books.

Started an excellent new story. One of those works I had envisioned for Longer on the Inside, which has become something else.

This is tonight's Downtown segment. I can't listen to it. I have been listening to the recent ones and they depress me because I hear someone better on the radio than anyone has ever been and I contrast that with people who make lots of money talking on the radio who can barely speak and know nothing. I cannot listen to this segment because I don't want to hear the pain that I am sure is evident in my voice because things just bubbled over at the beginning when I talked about the publishing bigots.

Decry decry decry. Decried decried decried. Note how often one sees the word now. Note how people use the work to try to sound intelligent. Magazines use it ceaselessly. No one knew the word a year ago. No one used it. This is how we are. For anything to be learned and used, it has to be pounded into our lazy brains. For us to think anything, it has to be pounded into our lazy brains. No one goes out and learns for themselves. Thinks for themselves. Learns or thinks. Note the word descry, which one will never see. Very similar word. Different meaning. No one knows that meaning, because that word is not pounded into lazy brains. If one understands this point, or this example, one understands much about how culture is now and how people are.


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