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"Desilva" texts

Tuesday 3/1/22

C: I worked more on "Desilva" tonight.

C: This guy starts telling a story about him and his best friend

C: The best friend lives next door

C: The wife is his wife's best friend

C: The neighbors' had this beagle named Thaddeus (Thadd)

C: The narrator's son had this horrific accident

C: His leg was shattered

C: He was in bed for a long time and Thadd basically lived with them during that period and helped keep the boy going

C: We deduce that he was probably 15 or so

C: The dad got closer to his son too. Eventually the kid recovered. Goes to college. Goes out into the world.

C: Time passes and Thadd is old now

C: His thing when he was younger was to run out on the ice on the pond across the street

C: He ends up getting out from the neighbor's house one day and the narrator sees Thadd on the ice with the ice giving way

C: He's like 80 yards out and he's probably going to die

C: So the guy calls the fire department and he and his best friend--the dog's owner--go out to the pond

C: They're in their fifties

C: Fire engine shows up--the only one in town--and this guy from high school who was and is a major asshole jumps out

C: This is Desilva

C: These guys are all townies

C: They hate this guy

C: The dog is going to die and there's not much to do

C: We don't know why this dog is so important yet.

C: But things we didn't know are starting to get clearer. And it's some huge shit

C: You're in great suspense

C: And then Desilva does something crazy

C: Later that night the narrator and his buddy are in the buddy's garage working on a 1947 Indian motorcycle

C: There are all of these people in the house making noise

C: The two guys in the garage have this conversation about Desilva

C: And as they do, we see the rest of the story within the story that has been taking place the entire time

C: It's devastating

C: Like, it'll wreck you

C: It looks like a story about dogs

C: And an asshole

C: And dog people would love it

C: But it's not really a story about either thing

C: It's a story about the nature of goodness. The elusive nature of goodness or the elusivity of understanding goodness.

C: And ultimately a story about a father and his son.


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