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Did I die

Tuesday 7/30/19

Lamb to the slaughter day. I don't want to type anymore. I'll just put this up. Sometimes people who read this journal will remark to me that Emma is lucky to have me in her life, and while that may be true, I am lucky to have her in mine.

C: I had a nightmare you were in last night. It was awful

E: Did I die

C: No

E: Did you kill me

C: No

C: We watched a plane crash that your grandmother was in

C: You had a different mom

E: Like Spider-Man

C: I was consoling you after and this new mom hugged me and when she did she said she never wanted me to see you again and you wanted to hug me and I couldn't because we were never going to speak again

C: It was fucking awful

E: Jesus

C: I was wrecked when I got up

E: I'm sorry, dreams can really fuck with us sometimes

C: I have to beg evil people now. I'm back in the email. It's ugly. But I want you to know that I am so grateful to know you. You're one of the best things to ever happen to me. I am glad that I will get to see your life, see you at twenty-five, forty, etc. You impact how I think, how I see the world, my heart, my brain. I'm just really grateful both to know you, and know that you are out there. You impact me as a person, and even an artist. Thank you.

E: I love you Colin. You can do this.


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