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Do it all

Wednesday 4/5/23

I need a moment not to think about writing. I'm just doing so much. Thirty books at once. Surely Colin doesn't actually mean he's doing thirty books at once. Of course that is what Colin means, though, if one knows who he is and his work. Thirty books sounds like that would take you a lifetime, doesn't it? But I'm bringing a lot of boats into port at the same time. Then where do those boats go? That's the issue right now, isn't it? Anyway, I need a few moments. Call it the rest of the day.

Connor McDavid is going to lead the NHL in goals and assists, and, of course, points. He's going to surpass 150 points. This is all remarkable. What an amazingly talented offensive player. Off the top of my head, I believe that only four other players have led the league in goals and assists in the same year. Howie Morenz is one of them. Gordie Howe another--he did it twice. Phil Esposito achieved the feat. Mario Lemieux did it twice as well. And Wayne Gretzky did it five times.

But that's not what's most amazing about Gretzky version of the version of the achievement. He led the league in both categories in 1981-82, 1982-83, 1983-84, 1984-85, and 1986-87. Do you see what year is missing? 1985-86. What did Gretzky do that year? He set the all-time mark--breaking his mark--for points in a season.

That he came back the next year, after notching 163 assists, and leading the league in goals again--as if to simply prove that he could if he wanted to--is among the most underrated Gretzky feats.

Also: I believe that in 1983-84, Gretzky also led the league in power play goals, shorthanded goals, even strength goals, power play assists, shorthanded assists, and even strength assists. He missed six games.

I put on Felger and Mazz today for about ten seconds. I shouldn't have done that. It was an accident--that's the station the TV was on last night when I fell asleep. Their radio program is simulcast. Two juvenile idiots. Both worth millions of dollars. Felger is a child. I don't understand how he's not embarrassed to be who he is and act as he does. He whines in these character voices. They were complaining/obsessing about the Bruins trying to win their last game in Montreal with Pastrnak being in the line-up to try and tally his 60th goal. This hasn't even happened. And they were blasting the Bruins. For this made-up, nonexistent thing. That's what gets you the top ratings?

So: in order to be successful, do you have to suck at what you do, be a fucking moron, and be a dick, too? Because that's what I see with everyone who is rewarded right now. I see talentless idiots who are bad people, who didn't earn anything, who had connections, and then it's just given to them. It is as awful listening to this duo--and Jim Murray, who is clearly a basket case of various issues and neuroses who "hates along," if you will, so he will feel liked and part of the group--as it is a couple of your moronic uncles at the cookout after they're had a few pops.

And more than these guys are they're dumb, they're dishonest. They are manipulative and up to no good. They clearly plan to be harsh and unreasonable on purpose, and say things that no one is stupid enough to think, and people are pretty damn stupid. It's an act. But what are they good at? Playing idiots? Being terrible people? These are the skills that make you rich now? And you're screwed if you're good at anything and decent? This is playground level stuff with dumb little boys. Felger kept calling Bruins coach Jim Montgomery by the name of Jimmy Tingles, like he was making fun of him. That's a jackass. Is that witty? Is that smart? Is that entertaining? You're like fifty-five-years-old. Jimmy Tingles? And then the other two clowns snicker like Oscar Wilde is in the room?

Montgomery comes in, does everything right, carries himself with class, takes a good team and helps it become that much better, and you make fun of him? For your ratings? Who does that appeal to? What level of brain dead, stunted bad person is out there that likes that?

The Bruins played the Stars--the team Montgomery used to coach--the other day, and I made a similar mistake and looked on Twitter. I was out working, and wanted updates on the game. People in the comments were saying all kinds of things about Montgomery, like "go have a drink," etc. He had an alcohol problem. It cost him his job with the Stars. The man's life was in disarray. He got help and turned his life around. What a great example to hold up to people. And you bash him about drinking and say things like you hope he becomes a drunk again?

Honestly: What is wrong with so many people? There has never been anyone in history discriminated against like I am am being discriminated against right now and have been for a long time, and everyone who reads these pages knows it, including the people who are doing it. I am not hateful. And what is happening is a whole different kind of worse.

How do so many people become so warped and toxic and damaged and seemingly devoid of conscience? You see a recovering alcoholic and you want him to drink? Why? So he can die? Hurt people? Scar his kids? That's funny to you? You walk away from the keyboard and feel good about yourself? Pick up your children? Give the dog a loving scratch behind its ears? Phone your mother? How does that work?

But, then again, I guess that's the same demographic that makes Felger and Mazz both rich. That's the target audience. Sick people who hate themselves. It's like psychological blood money.

How about we try paying people and rewarding them for being good at things? What a novel concept. Talent and intelligence and humor and insight and actual entertainment. And then--wonder of wonders--that would actually cause people to try and be good at things, and the human race and the world wouldn't suck as much as they do.

As for the Bruins and that last game--if they need to win it to set the all-time wins and points record, go for it. The players deserve that. That's not chasing something and over-extending yourself. They haven't chased the records all year. They've played how they play, knowing that if they give a good, honest effort, the results will take care of themselves.

But if they get there, and it worked out that way, let them have sixty minutes to go for it. It's one night, one game. And against Montreal, of all teams. This Bruins team will deserve an honest chance at that point if it's just one game. None of these guys are ever going to be part of something like this again. You do it right if it gets to that game, and it could. They need to close out the year 4-1 to have both records, and as I said on the radio night, I can make a very real statistical case that this would be the best regular season in NHL history. Not that it's easy to go 4-1, and they've already won a bunch in a row as it is.

You do what you've been doing. You don't mail in a loss. What kind of message does that send to your players? You're going to deny them a one-game chance at history? That would be to disrespect every guy in that locker room. Plus all the coaches, the trainers, the scouts, the staff, the video guys, etc. All the work they put in doing things the right way. They wouldn't do it, of course. It's not going balls out for two weeks chasing something that you don't really need. But if it's there for you to take out? Go out and get it. Then go into the playoffs, be you, and kick some ass. Do it all, man. Win your Cup and make your case as the best team in the history of the league.


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