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Sunday 4/16/23

* Ran 3000 stairs yesterday, did 100 push-ups. Walked five miles today, did 300 push-ups, ran 5000 stairs. Did those stairs straight, with push-up sets every 1000 stairs. There's so much sweat--even in the cold--that it's like watering the stairs. Trails of drops. I've worn away the grass in one of the spots where I do push-ups, of which there are many. This would be the spot behind the old toll booth last in use in the 1950s. The door, strangely/beckoningly, was open, so I took a peek inside.

* Abundance of people in the Public Garden and on Boylston today despite it being a chilly, gray day. Spirit of the city on Marathon weekend.

* Worked on "What the Mouse Knew."

* Acquired foodstuffs at Trader Joe's today, and much in the way of fruits and vegetables at Haymarket yesterday for heart health.

* Found an edition of The Wind in the Willows to send to my little niece for her birthday. Wanted an unabridged version, but not something like the annotated edition.

* Whitlock went seven for the Red Sox? Is that only their second quality start of the season? I guess it could be. Streaky team over the first two and a half weeks. Lose three in a row, win three in a row.

* Saw some of the Celtics' playoff opener yesterday. Let up in the third. When the Celtics force the issue and up the tempo--or run--they have more success.

* Bruins get going tomorrow. I've said I'd take the field if I were a betting man--I'm not--but I expect them to do what they've done. I think that's what has impressed me the most--the machine-like quality they have. I think they are that machine and will continue to be.

* Read Boswell's Life of Johnson at the cafe.

* Today marks 2471 days, or 353 weeks, without a drink.

* Was thinking about the 1980s Edmonton Oilers today. Calgary was about all there was to stop them from reaching the Finals every year. Yes, there was the 1982 upset to the Kings, but Edmonton v. Calgary whenever it happened was really for the conference. That Norris Division--yikes. How were one of those teams going to beat those other two teams? It was going to be a sweep or gentleman's sweep. The Black Hawks (as they were then known) had some pushback in 1985. Then Edmonton poured in 18 goals on them in the last two games.


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