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Each day

Thursday 3/21/24

Each day there is less personality in the world than the day before.

Each day there is more narcissism in the world than the day before.

There is less truthfulness.

More homogenization.

More blandness.

Less courage.

Less authenticity.

Less boldness.

More lying.

More insincerity.

More wickedness.

More apathy.

More stultification.

Less effort.

Less concern.

Less individuality.

It's evident in everything you see and hear if you pay any attention at all and are capable of noticing anything. It's in headlines, what people post, what people say, how they interact, how they think by not thinking. All of the corporate speak that is no longer corporate-speak: It's societal-speak, group-speak, person-speak. A world gone taupe.

You are lied to all of the time and you're expected to lie. What the world is right now is actually worse than anything 1984, because what was in that book was overt. That wasn't a passive dystopia. The writing was on the wall. Ours is a passive devolution, and the writing is on the wall, yes, but it's like it's in semi-invisible ink, because we're so busy performing, and lying, and not living, and blending in with the amorphousness around us that we're not doing that reading and recognizing, and going so long without reading and recognizing we're losing the ability to do either, at least in a way that we can synthesize both the thrust and important particulars of what is happening in our thoughts, as language. Thoughts are language. When language breaks down, thinking breaks down. We think in language. Our world has become corporate-speak incarnate. With all of the falsities, the fake niceties, but their are blades beneath that veneer of lukewarm blandness, and those blades slice up the remnant of the human condition. It's in everything. I don't know how anyone can fail to see it, except that I do.


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