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Everyday grammar

Monday 6/5/23

It would feel to me like I'd witnessed a miracle--well, call it a near-miracle--if I saw someone who knew how "every day" and "everyday" work. The same with "workout" and "work out." Or "anymore" and "any more."

These are from yesterday. NESN doesn't know how "every day" and "everyday" works. Nor does MLB. But I also see it in The Washington Post, The New York Times when things from those venues pop up in my feed. I see it everywhere.

We are an illiterate society.

How you speak and how you write says so much about you. Often it says all anyone would really need to know.

It's pretty simple how this works.

"Going to the park is an everyday occurrence."

Adjective. Sly Stone can also help you out with a reminder, though Buddy Holly got it wrong.

"I eat an apple every day."

Amount of time/measurement.

"That was one tough workout."


"I really need to work out."


"I can't do anal anymore."

Ha. But: time. (Also: Why? What happened there?)

"I can't do any more anal tonight."



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