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Everything wrong with publishing: sourced from a text exchange

Saturday 10/16/21

C: Did you see that Emma Cline wiki page

J: Nothing there

C: What?

J: She hasn't done much

C: It's all there, though. That's the skeleton key to opening everything. It's the only way it's done. Do you see the path?

C: Female

C: Rich

J: Yes

C: Ivy

J: Of course

C: Grad MFA

C: Gifts given

J: I noticed it right away

C: Prizes

J: Fraud

C: Granta

C: Paris Review

C: New Yorker

C: "This is the way"

C: The only way

C: No variations ever now save for race grift

C: That's why she's in. It's not the writing, which is middle school level. That's why I got that New Yorker letter. I also think Remnick may have given them instructions. But either way, there are no Charlie Smiths age 45 in the New Yorker

J: You'll get in there

C: She's in there three times a year now

J: I know you will

C: Also

C: She's unstable

C: And a plagiarist

C: Did you read that shit?

J: Yes

J: Horrible shit


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