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Saturday 9/9/23

This is grueling.

Finished two more stories.

Overhauled one from a couple years ago this morning called "The Giver of Care." That was a lot of energy.

Going over again the possible contents of The Solution to the World's Problems. I don't want to have the slightest regret or doubt or anything but total and perpetual certainty after the fact.

About to finish another story.

Began an essay about my drinking.

Conservatively, I have fourteen available books right now. I made a list--the most conservative list possible. Fiction, nonfiction, art related, sports, essays, Beatles, stairs, jazz, memoir. When I say right now, I mean right now. Sign the contract today right now. Here's the book, thanks, when is the earliest it can come out?

If it was necessary to have thirty books available right now, under contract, with a pub date, that would take a week or two on my end.

But today, it's very conservatively fourteen books in terms of books that are done (like Cheer Pack, which is suffused with stories from places any one of which would result in anyone else having ample options for publishers) or "Here's the chapter, here's the proposal, here's the ridiculous track record for this subject, and two dozen links to my writing on this subject and ten radio interviews, we good for me to do my thing and deliver you this book?"

Something I've noticed, incidentally: When I look things up online--I am not someone for whom Google is a verb--I often see entries from this record at the top of the search. And for subjects that have been covered often. I'll even see entries from this record listed ahead of articles from places like The Guardian and Rolling Stone that cover the same topics. I asked some other people to do the same searches, and their results were the same.

I need to run stairs now. Haven't ran stairs in a couple days. Behind on my push-ups as well. I cannot become some pig man.

And here's Green Day's set from Woodstock in 1994 because I listened to it yesterday and I don't really have anything else to put here.


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