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Fall begins

Wednesday 9/1/21

Seven in the AM, the Beta Band cranking, first masterpiece of the autumn completed in "Teeth and Hands," primed to begin the next, "Find Us."

Last night I gave a thirty-three minute interview that is itself a work of art and better than anything else by anyone in the history of radio. Should we pretend? Why fucking pretend? There it is.

Fuck these bigots, dude. You are going to beat these fucking assholes. There isn't one of them that can achieve in the whole of their lives what you can achieve in a single motherfucking second. You are intact. You are stronger. Everyone may be broken, but you are not, and you are only getting better. Go out and rip it.

Unmatched genius, total focus, ceaseless energy, no fucking mercy when we get there.


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