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Feel like

Monday 10/24/22

I am tired. In the last few days--I don't even know when I started; Saturday?--I've gone through, added on, made changes to, five essays, totaling some 20,000 words. Obscene amount of work. This is the easy part of the week, work-wise. I did 100 push-ups and ran 3000 stairs. I have now started assembling The Human Reader: Pain-Free Explorations of Life-Changing Literature. Excellent title. I feel like if I never wrote again, I'd have more work than anyone else has ever had at the end of their life. By "feel like," what I mean is I would wager that's true. At the same time, I also feel like I'm just starting. Everything is dependent on this situation changing.

I was supposed to meet my little mentee today, but this freaking kid stood me up. I still have no idea what happened. She must have fallen asleep. She started texting me at school about that horrible witch of a woman in my building I wrote about on here yesterday, and then we got to talking about birds, while apparently she was taking some kind of practice test. For the SAT? I don't know.

The baseball championship series were pretty blah. The Astros will win the World Series in 5. They are the model franchise of the sport. I'll probably be wrong, but I don't see how the Phillies have much of a shot.

Wrote Kimball about what we'll discuss on the radio next week. It'll be all jazz.

If you look at the whole of a series, from start to finish, Gunsmoke is the best radio series there has ever been. The Johnny Dollar five-parters got to that same level, but nothing else in the Dollar run came close to the shows of that period and format.

Talked to my mom yesterday for the first time since the anniversary of my sister's death, and then again today on account that she had a mammogram.

I wonder who will be the Patriots' quarterback tonight. I may be more interested in the Celtics right now, who are taking on the Bulls.

Neither Roger Clemens nor Greg Maddux ever won two games in the same playoff series. Curt Schilling, of all people, only did it once.

Here's an episode of the very obscure radio program Darkness called "Weekend Vacation," which I'll discuss on the radio tomorrow.

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