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Fiction, Dracula, op-ed, no taking

Tuesday 5/17/22

2300 words into a new story I started that is powerful. It'll take some time as part of the process of getting it right. It's about how a woman's changing body can change so much in her life. Well, not a woman in this case, but it means the same thing. It's about a kid.

I am also working on "Swoony and Moony" again. Wrote an op-ed today and sent it to various people--and read it to one of them on the phone, who asked me to send them a copy, so they could share it with their kids--which is excellent. An all-timer. I’ll often encounter people saying that the point of life is to have fun, as if life was one’s personal bouncy house. The piece is about the fun of having less fun, and the portal to having the time of one’s life.

Walked three miles yesterday and ran 3000 stairs, and wrote most of a chapter in my head on what would be a book on 1931's Dracula. Sent "Fitty" to Amazon.

There are passive aggressive, envious, untalented people who will sometimes try to get me to take the bait. Usually, they sit it out, obsess over me, all that I am that they are not--while also craving my approval, even as they envy and often hate me--but sometimes they'll go for it, because they can't help themselves, and try to get me to take that bait. I take no bait. It's a house rule. I always know what you're up to. I know why you're up to it. I know what you're all about. I don't think about you like you think about me. Why would I? It will just never work.

Pitched a fine jazz idea for Halloween about this rare, old time radio program where a man in New Orleans murders a jazz pianist, and ends up haunted by his music. A nice conceit, which was authored, interestingly, by Robert Arthur, who created the Three Investigators YA mystery series. Glad to have a piece on that series in one of the new books, You're Up, You're Down, You're Up: Essays on Art in Life and Life in Art. Had a huge impact on me, those books, and I still derive meaning and value from them. Strong essay.

Watched the 1950 Ida Lupino vehicle, Woman in Hiding. Not some huge cinematic advancement, but passable viewing. Bad guy looks a lot like Mr. Big from Sex and the City.

Time to run some stairs. Would like to do more than yesterday. Ate pretty poorly last night and should make up for it.


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