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Fitness, fruit, hair, creek mud coffee, no drink

Sunday 3/3/24

Walked seven miles yesterday, ran 5000 stairs, did 500 push-ups. My workout efforts have been lacking--sporadic stair days, though I also did 500 push-ups a few days ago--and I'm trying to fight on all fronts. Keep fighting.

Went to Haymarket and got blueberries, strawberries, oranges, and peppers.

Got my hair cut yesterday at eight AM. You book an appointment. That began with COVID and I guess it worked well--people weren't sitting around waiting--so the owner of the shop retained the policy. He's a good barber. Normally I sign up for him, but he was booked and I wanted to get cleaned up after six or seven months of growing my hair out, so I went with the other fellow, a Puerto Rican gentleman. How do I know he was Puerto Rican? He had a photo of Roberto Clemente taped to the mirror by his chair. He shook my hand before I sat down. I like things like that. People should shake hands more often. I got the shortest cut I've ever had. Granted, there wasn't much lower I could go, but I went with the 1 and 2 razor settings. You can't really tell the difference, though, from the top of my head to the sides. A lot of skin is showing, but I think it looks pretty good. The Zulu cut.

A kind of coffee I hadn't had before was on sale at CVS so I bought a couple bags. I go through a ton of coffee. This is very dark--like creek mud several layers down. That is the kind of coffee I like best.

Today marks 2793 days, or 399 weeks, without a drink.

Listened to the deluxe edition of the Kooks' Konk.

Also: I'll be going to another level soon. I feel something growing in me. And as always in these matters, I know it is the most powerful thing yet.


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