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Football texts

Monday 1/29/24

C: Belichick won't coach again

J: At a Ravens party now

C: They're not good

C: Lamar Jackson wildly overrated

C: Say that

J: I did already

J: No one liked it

C: Such an inefficient style of play

J: It's a big deal down here

J: This game and him

J: Yes he won't coach again

C: Because meatheads think it's amazing he had a pass deflected, caught it, and scampered 9 yards

J: He should have just retired

J: Holy shit they went nuts for that one

J: Supreme athlete

C: Whereas Brady would have just completed a pass for 11

J: I just saw a 49 year old man do a beer funnel

J: And scream let's go when he finished

C: I'm glad you're branching out socially

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