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For the record

Friday 4/7/23

I don't normally do this--that is, come to these pages to record simply how I feel or what I think about something I've just done. It seems, though, that I should do that right now.

I've spent most of today working again on "Big Bob and Little Bob." I've said that "Fitty" could actively change the world. Save lives. This story could also actively change the world. Right now. From the moment it is out there, if enough people could see it.

I had taken some time away from the story again. Can you write something that is too powerful? Because that's a question I have been thinking today. Never in my life have I beheld or experienced a greater power than the power of this story.

It's over 8000 words now. It's so hard to look at this, to be reading it, to know how everyone out there would regard it, to know what it would do and what would be made of it, what it's impact would be, and know that you have the people of the publishing system standing in the way, who are going to do everything they can to make sure that the world doesn't get to see and have this story.

There is a "cause" to "Fitty." It's not most about that cause, but that's one way it can change the world. There isn't a cause in that manner to "Big Bob and Little Bob," that identifiable, news-oriented, political and social cause, but it really is a solution to the world's problems, which of course is a variant on the title of the book in which it will be.

It is impossible for someone else to write something this good. I'm just going to say it. I don't care who it is, if it's Shakespeare. There's no getting close to this, and I don't believe that someone who reads it can honestly say otherwise. It's that good.

Still not done. I need to keep going over it. Will now shower and walk. This is the first sentence:

In the neighborhood where I grew up, there was a Big Bob and Little Bob.

And thus begins a story unlike any ever written.


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