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Hardware days

Monday 6/15/20

* Over the weekend I walked forty-four miles (twenty one Saturday, twenty-three yesterday) and ran the stairs outside of Conte Forum at BC ten times each day. Yesterday there were two hot girls running the stairs, each about twenty-five-years-old. And before we start, I am not "girling" these women. What don't you have to be on guard for now? It's funny, I hear women all the time reference other women and they call them girls. (Though in my head and my conversation, I never use the term "girl" unless for someone under eighteen, but I am making a little point in this passing anecdote.) I've never been bothered when someone said to me, "Well, aren't you a smart boy." Anyway, they were quick. There's a rail in the middle of the stairs, so you stay on the right, which you should do regardless. Up the right, down the right. As I was going up, they'd be coming down, and each time I tried to pass them at a higher point than the time before, but like I said, they were quick, so this kind of sucked. Sometimes, after you've walked thirty miles in two days--which was where I was at at that point--and ran a lot of stairs, you want to finish running the stairs, but maybe you don't want to haul ass. But, if you want a pair of hot girls to ask you out on the stairs, this is how one does it. "Ooooooo, you're even faster than the two of us, and we are hot, super fit, young women who ran track just a few short years ago. Oooooooooo. We should all date and explore the edges of a creative and artful amorous vista." I'm joking. Well, I'm not joking that I'd have agreed to such a pitch. We could have worked out the details later.

* I feel like the chipmunk, upon being espied in the underbrush, is the animal, above all, most likely to induce a smile. I see many chipmunks on that walk to BC, especially near the Reservoir.

* On these walks I go past Cleveland Circle Hardware in scenic Cleveland Circle, which is not very scenic at all. I guess it is Brighton's version of grubbiness. I worked here (poorly) early in my career, and would then stay up all night writing, pass out at 6, come in just before 10, every single day, trying to get better. Wrote all night every night.

* My mind was blown on Saturday to hear the Count Five's "Psychotic Reaction" playing at the Trader Joe's. Their lone album is one of my all-time favorite albums. The next song was the Who's "Armenia City in the Sky," so I think Trader Joe's must just have this psychedelic playlist which doesn't really make sense because these were not the same kinds of music--or maybe it was a garage playlist and the Who got thrown in. Either way, I've never heard anyone play the Count Five before. Yesterday also marked 1470 days (210 weeks) without a drink.

* This is me after my walks and the stairs. I like when I sweat out so much fluid that even though it is somewhat warm, I am cooled down, can even wear a light jacket in mid-June, feel comfortable.


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