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Have another

Tuesday 1/24/23

C: I have an idea for another book.

C: Stories like "My Nickel," The Fallen Leaf," "The Day I Met God," "There Is No Young and There Is No Old," "Outlast the Earth," "The Winter Meal," "Best Present Ever," "The Giant Seahorse." "Best Present Ever" would still also be a stand-alone gift/mini-book. This wouldn't preclude that.

J: Yes that's awesome

J: That right there would be a powerful book

J: It should have you on every morning show and news outlet

J: That does not mean I don't feel the same about the others

J: Any name ideas for that?

C: Yes, I just figured it out.

C: Would also include "The Speaker." I have to see what else I have.

C: I should have forty books available right now, not eight.

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