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"Hey, psycho": Mark Warren of Random House in his own words

Tuesday 5/16/23

As I mentioned, Mark Warren sent me a message--two actually--on Facebook messenger. Shall we look at the screenshots of those messages that Mark Warren sent from his own Facebook account and allow Mark Warren to show everyone who and what he is? Because he makes that abundantly plain. Do scroll down beneath the photos.

Says quite a lot about this person, doesn't it? It's not libelous in the least, of course. It's all true or someone's opinion. Does this person in Mark Warren seem balanced? Not a tyrannical person? Free of anger issues?

Someone said the truth. There was accountability. After a decade. Is this a good look? Do you even believe that someone tipped him off? It's possible. How likely is it? (Scott Stossel of The Atlantic could have done it--he's always lurking around.) But it sounds like someone hanging about the premises a lot.

As for who sounds angry and psychotic, I don't think anything really needs to be said to that point. Very ironic in the end, considering the man's virtue signaling that day on Facebook.

I will leave things go on my side for this entry. Mark Warren has done the confirming of exactly what he is. But I have received many comments about this person and their behavior--and it's all of a similar sort, because it would have to be, wouldn't it, when someone like this makes it so obvious what they are--and I cede the floor to one of those other people, who I think said things well after seeing the earlier entry and the above screenshots.

The writing is truly abysmal and transparently fragile. He's inept as a bully and as a person in power he reveals the metaphorical micro-genitalia he has by going out of his way to deploy empty and elementary level insults your way. I had so many bullies in boarding school and they wielded a million times more power than this guy. His response should go viral.

Even if he's a shitty editor who overlooked genius on purpose--who would take the time to write such an obviously knee jerk, and as I said before, rhetorically unsound letter, to a person who would understand its transparent strategies immediately?

As always, when one goes up on these pages, it is but a start in this journal. The reader will note, too, the shot at Boston. That's how hubristic these people are--if you're not in their NYC sinecure, you are to be treated as a lower form of life. Even when they know how far above them you are.


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