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High tea!

Monday 2/19/24

Speaking of kids and aunts and uncles and things like that, yesterday was an adventure in high tea for my two nieces, Lilah and Amelia. They went with their mom, and both of their grandmothers. The boy, Charlie, was invited, but he didn't want to go, being a ten-year-old boy. This is an annual thing, I think, and Lilah has gone a few times, but this was the first official high tea--I believe she imbibed chocolate milk, though--for my buddy.

The other day my sister was having a follow-up consultation for this eye surgery she'd a little while ago, and my mom was watching the three kids. It took a couple hours for the doctor to see my sister, so my mom had to take all three kids to her nail appointment when my sister couldn't get back in time. The boy wanted nothing to do with that, but Amelia, who'd been at this salon before and has a good memory, said, "They have cookies and candy," so I guess he brightened.

During my mother's appointment, Amelia came wandering over with a half-eaten mini Reese's Peanut Butter cup, and the technician asked her what she'd done so far today. Amelia goes, "I FaceTimed with my buddy Colin." My mother then clarifies that this is her uncle. The technician goes on to ask about Valentine's Day, and Amelia says, "I wore my buddy shirt," prompting the query, "Oh, what's that?" Amelia, losing patience, said, "It's from my buddy. Colin." Then she departed to sit with her brother and sister and probably eat more candy.


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