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Hola, Vibrato!

Sunday 8/15/21

* If I ever have a Chihuahua, I will name him Vibrato. When I am in one of my houses, such as the Rockport house, I'll complete what I am composing, then go downstairs to find the dog waiting patiently in his bed in the mudroom. I'll say, "Hola, Vibrato!" toss him his tennis ball, and off we'll go for a walk to the village green.

* Today marked 1876 days, or 268 weeks, without a drink of alcohol. This morning, I ran a personal best 16,000 stairs. Do you know how hard it is to run 16,000 stairs? We call that OLZ--Other Level Zulu, for those interested in the terminology. This is me after the running of those 16,000 stairs.

* There is nothing, in the history of the world, that has not gotten done because someone ran out of time. Never. There is not a single exception. The reason was always and will always be something else. But it was never because someone didn't have the time. You always have the time. There is no bigger fallacy than that of not having enough time. For anything.

* One of the fundamental differences between someone who is healthy and someone who is mentally ill is that the latter is upset by what someone else says about them that is true. The former will get upset when someone says something false about them. Because they actually know themselves. They do not delude themselves. That statement will prove alienating. Or disappointing, because it will be made for spurious reasons. Or out of ignorance. Or jealousy. Or self-loathing. Or passive aggressiveness. The result is a kind of great, weary sigh for the shortcomings of others. Whereas, the mentally ill person, the person of rage, cannot face anything true about who they are. The well person only wants the truth.

* Hola, Vibrato!

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