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Monday 7/19/21

"Seat of government" is a phrase some people use to try and make themselves sound smart. One hears it in connection with the events of 1/6. Which I find overstated. Be wary of such people. "I don't like drama." "Tried to overthrow the seat of government."

Chances are they do like drama.

Also, when someone says that they look forward to clearing their name, or some such, they are lying. They don't look forward to anything pertaining to the situation they are in. They would do anything to be out of it. Chances are, too, that they are guilty, so the words are subterfuge, but anyone falsely accused should never opt for the language of "I look forward to clearing my name." Speak like a human. Be real. Be honest. Have emotion, but be under control. Have balls and fight--but also grace. Do not resort to the phrases of legalese.

I ran 2000 stairs.

I've mostly finished a short story called "Frog Boy Skin" that is 3600 words long. I wrote a piece for The Wall Street Journal on Sam Cooke's 1961 album, My Kind of Blues, which hopefully will help sell a few copies of the 33 1/3 book coming in September. Last night in bed, without planning to, I wrote the start of "Eede Upstairs."

Is Brandon Workman still on the Red Sox?

Saw an awful story about a twenty-seven-year-old woman who died in the harbor the other night. Was out on a boat with seven other people, and at 3 AM, in the fog, they hit some kind of marker, everyone went into the water, the rest survived. Obviously begs some questions about why you'd be in a boat in the harbor at that time, and why you wouldn't have a life jacket on. But truly terrible. You're there like on Thursday in line at the Starbucks, and come the start of the weekend you're gone.

I'm floored that I am still seeing these puff pieces about how Friends lacked diversity. The lives of almost everyone are lacking in any form of diversity. I don't mean just--or primarily--skin color diversity. Diversity of thought, for instance. As for life, when you're out at the Starbucks, yes, you will see a bunch of white women sitting together. You can tell from their conversation that they are some kind of group of friends. And that's the core group. So what? Are they racists? A lot of times, you meet who you meet, and then you settle in. But I don't see loads and loads of integrated groups in my many miles each year. I get that someone would wish to say, "But that's Boston and it's so racist!" It isn't. Many places are the same, because many people are largely the same. Also, it can be hard to meet people. The Friends set-up--and I'm not a fan--is more the norm out in real life than not the norm. Which does not make it racist. A lot of the real racism I see now is tied to the exploitation of skin color for the purpose of making a buck, a brand, a platform, rounding up them clicks.

I've been trying to eat jalapenos for my heart health. It's not been going so well.


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