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Friday 4/10/20

It's almost 9 AM. I went to bed at 3, was up by 6:30. I just wrote the Wall Street Journal op-ed on how the remaining portion of 2020 sans sports might not be a bad thing. Ran three miles earlier. Heading back out to run again now. I have felt like a fat blob lately and I don't want to. I have noticed the muscle tone of my legs has changed since I have not been able to climb the Monument with it being closed. I need to be physically fit to do what I do and also endure and fight, so, back to the street. I came up with another op-ed idea, too, on my run, though I'm not sure who I could do it for. I saw the 1955 film 5 Against the House. It's a kind of heist film, but not really. A lot of it doesn't make much sense. (And the college students are like thirty-five.) But it was okay. A little different. Not very fleshed out. The end when everyone is just left off the hook is silly. Many films that are not noir are called noir. Noir doesn't mean "this is a crime picture." It's not just about crime. It's an aesthetic. How a film is shot, when it takes place. 5 Against the House mostly isn't noir at all, but it's written up that way. Downtown guest Kim Novak is in it. They had Peri Gilpin on the other day. I was in love with her on Frasier. Crazy hot, too.


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