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How to lose weight

Saturday 5/18/24

Have you noticed that people often talk about weight loss as this nebulous concept or a mystery that no amount of sleuthing can seem to solve? You'd think it was the Bermuda Triangle. I encounter this all the time. Just as I see people saying that they've tried everything, but they can't lose any weight.

Those people are almost always not telling the truth. They're saying they do these things, but in private, they're doing all of these other things.

Weight loss is pretty basic. I'm going to share the magic formula in this very entry. Exciting. And I can just about guarantee you it will work. Immediately. That week. Within days. Less.

Ready? Some mind-blowing stuff coming up here.

Eat better.


Give up alcohol.

It's not 170 things one has to do. It's three. And the truth is, one of the three is probably going to be enough to make you lose weight.

If you're eating twelve hours a day and working out for three, the three hours won't help. Likewise, if you're eating better and drinking all night every night, the eating better won't help much.

Seeing how large everyone is sort of tells you, doesn't it, how little effort people want to put into anything.

Is that wrong to say? I can't see how saying something true is wrong when it's not being said to hurt someone needlessly. I also think it's wrong to know something to be true and be like, "Oh, I must treat that truth like it's top secret, we can't have more truth getting out there in the world."

If you exert a minimum amount of effort, you'll be reasonably sized. If you exert a minimum amount of effort, you can go from not so healthy to healthier and even to healthy just by sticking with it.

I've said this before: People are much more likely to exert effort physically than intellectually, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. We all have to move, but one need not think very much at all in order to get by in this world of ours. Machines will do it for you anyway. Which isn't a good thing. It should terrify you. Our humanness should be precious to us. That which we can do because of our humanness. So, looking around at everyone and seeing how big they are, what does that suggest about what's happening on the inside where it counts a lot more? That's alarming, right? Isn't it better to live in a world, to have a world, where people try to be intelligent, and to evolve, and to be good people, and to grow and contribute to the world?

There are so many benefits to effort. We feel better about ourselves. We have more confidence. We're able to focus on other things. Like other people. What they might need. We're better at practicing empathy.

Putting down the phone and going for a run helps a person. You come back better off than when you went out. No one is saying you have to run ten miles. It's the doing that's the thing. We get better at discipline. Taking care of stuff. Not just tasks, but emotional stuff. We deal better with that thing that previously we were trying not to think about. It may be very important to think about it and move through it.

If you're eating at all, and you're drinking a lot, you'll put on weight. I've lived that. And that was when I was walking 3000 miles a year, which isn't a number I'm using arbitrarily but the actual number of miles I walked. There's so much stuff packed away in alcohol that's just not good for you. All the calories for one. It's almost like they're calories that you're not aware of, or less aware of. If you eat a whole cake, you know that you just ingested a lot of calories. But we often don't think about alcohol the same way. Ten drinks a week--which isn't that much for many people--adds up. Heavy drinking turns you to bloat.

I've thought about this. There are many times it's very hard for me to keep going. By which I mean, to continue living. I have so much against me. At the same time, there is nothing that has ever burned to greater a degree in a person than this fire of life that is in me to get where I am going and to have the impact I seek to have on this world. On days where it's like, Does this end now, I don't know how I can go on anymore, I'll sometimes think about how if I had kept drinking, I'd probably be dead. I honestly think I would have died a natural death some years ago. And I'm not saying I think, "That would have taken care of things, you wouldn't need to think about shooting yourself," but I do think. I'm not sure what I think. It isn't about what I think. In terms of some conclusion. Just that the thoughts are there. They're happening. Or things are occurring to me. Those things don't have to be resolved. One doesn't have to cancel out or outweigh another. They're all in my head. Probably at some point during this, I'll turn to another thought, that being, "If you somehow get to where you're trying to get, you'll know that you never would have otherwise."

I guess what I'm saying is, certain things are easy to control. We can make them harder by acting like that's not true. That's what the diet industry is, right? The fitness industry. The more complicated it sounds--being healthy--the more people are going to think they need all of this assistance and when we're thinking that way, we're often protracting a process when we don't have to. We turn what is really just stepping into another room into this descent into the labyrinth to find the elusive minotaur. I don't think that's healthy. I'm talking about mental health now. It's funny, isn't it, how mental and physical health can be related. Because if you take these simple steps, take back control, and tend to your physical health, you're better off in these other ways, too.

Anyway. I need to shower. Drenched from my workout.


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