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I despair for society

Monday 2/12/24

A publicist sent me this email looking for coverage:

The War Room Tavern in Albany is hosting a Taylor Swift luncheon on Superbowl Sunday Today Feb 11, 2024, at 12:00 p.m.. Some NFL fans are upset that Taylor Swift is dominating football as they watch their favorite sport on TV. The Albany bar is having bouncers present to protect the swifty fans. Some Swiftys will be dressing up like Taylor Swift during the luncheon. The brunch will feature Taylors Swift's favorite foods like chicken tenders, chai latte cookies and French Blonde drinks. A giant TV will feature Taylor Swift videos as well as the superbowl game. Bars across the nation are revolting with Swifty brunches like War Room Tavern. 

Imagine doing that with your life? And you can't even get the term Super Bowl correct? Don't know that? Couldn't maybe check? And dominating football? Is that really the correct language? You could say, "Dominating football talk," which would still be wrong, but dominating football? That means she's out there on the field kicking ass.

I mean, seriously: How dumb is someone who writes something like this?

"Bars across the nation are revolting with Swifty brunches like War Room Tavern."

You know what that sentence means? It means that the War Room Tavern is the brunch. The actual food. It'd have to be, "Bars across the nation like War Room Tavern are revolting..."

These are adults. The publicist is an adult, the people running the bars are adults, the people at the bars doing this are adults.

Look at this trash pile of a culture. It's like life as an unending stupidity and mental illness festival.


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