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Thursday 2/22/24

Something needs to kick in soon. This isn't good, man.

I think I'll call the dentist tomorrow and make an appointment to have a mold taken to make this mouth guard. My stress is causing me to grind away without fail every night now and I'm waking up with a bad headache. I can feel myself clenching my jaw before I'm asleep. I'm just naturally holding it that way now when I lay down. With what I'm dealing with I can't be exhausted and in pain every time I get up. One or the other, maybe. Not both.

I also have to tend to this nightmare with the Department of Revenue that The Wall Street Journal created for me back in 2019. I haven't dealt with it since sending that email on Saturday.

I should start thinking about a cover idea for The Ghost Grew Legs. All covers now suck. They are cookie cutter. I would not leave it to anyone else. The execution, yes, obviously, but not the idea.

Heard Jayson Tatum say he was the best player in the NBA. Doesn't bother me him saying that. I question if he believes it, though. My guess is no. He's pretty passive. I also don't think he's close to being the best player. I have him lower than most. Not in the top five. I don't think he's the man when it matters. He wilts. I hope he wins a championship or championships in Boston. If I had to predict, I'd say it's more likely than not that he retires without an MVP. You're not the best if you're not winning MVPs.

I see that Charlie McAvoy's ice time has been going up. Ice time is a telling stat to me for a defenseman. I'm always looking at ice time. Bit surprised that Drew Doughty is leading the league in ice time this year at this stage of his career.

There's this guy on Facebook who seemingly spends his life flying around to movie locations. He's probably in his forties. Every day he's somewhere else in the country. Or nearly every day. He puts up a still from the movie, and then a photo of him in that exact spot--with his head in the corner of the photo--from the current day. I don't know how he affords this or why he does it. Someone else in this group did have some cool current-day location shots from Night of the Living Dead. The various headstones from the cemetery, and that sloped road that leads into the cemetery that we see from the very beginning of the film.

Came up with an idea for a piece on the Byrds and something else on the Beatles. Should do a Beatles-related prose off soon. Head work on an op-ed. Best to write it tomorrow.

Boston College doesn't have an afternoon football game at home this year in October or early November. You have to have a couple of those, don't you? That's a big part of what it's all about.

Listened to a recording of the Who playing "I Can't Explain" at the Fillmore West in February 1968 that was just unearthed. It was excellent and Keith Moon outstanding. Wish the whole gig would leak out. Also listened to the live--from Abbey Road in 2005--version of the Kooks' Inside In/Inside Out, Johnny Griffith's A Blowin' Session--which I'll call the foundational album of hard bop--and an LP of Stravinsky conducting Stravinsky in 1961. Also been listening to dozens of episodes of Tales of the Texas Rangers, one of the best of all radio programs, which I'll be discussing more going forward. I wouldn't want to have a Texas Ranger trailing me. Came up with titles for a few books. I'll get into that later, too.


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