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Monday 10/30/23

Productive last couple of days plus. Much worked on, a lot coming out, and more people about to be exposed on here in highly detailed, exacting thoroughness. Clearly presented truth leaves no doubt.

Ran 5000 stairs on Saturday, did 200 push-ups, walked three miles. Was unseasonably warm--more late August-like than befitting the end of October. We just had a number of days like that, Sunday being the last. Sat in Christopher Columbus Park for a couple hours on Saturday until about 5 and and worked on Nick Drake project.

Yesterday marked 2667 days, or 381 weeks, without a drink. Fall is back now. The sun still isn't up. Wet outside--I've already stepped out--and about fifty degrees. Been doing push-ups in the hall.

Spent yesterday morning tending to "Finder of Views," the second novelette in Big Asks.

Listened to Led Zeppelin II. Tended to three or four light edits here in the early hours of Monday, sent that back. Something else had no edits, save for me to approve the bio, which I did change. Or asked to have changed, anyway.

Very sad about Matthew Perry. I saw him do an intro to a home video release of the British The Office--not the daft American one--and you could tell that he was a real admirer of comedy, thought about what made comedy work, had a knowledge of the great comedians--people like Laurel and Hardy. It was clear he took it seriously.

Was talking to my mom who babysat the kids on Saturday night. She was putting my little niece Amelia to bed, and Amelia asked if they could look at the photos on my mom's phone after she got under the covers, and so my mom said sure. There was one of me with my new haircut that I got Saturday--I don't have much hair right now, having gone with the #1 and the #2.5 razor settings (the Zulu cut)--and my mom said, "Who's that?" and Amelia responded, "My buddy."

I hope the kids have a nice time for Halloween. My mom doesn't even go over there for that because she likes to be home so she can give out candy to the neighborhood kids. I like that she's so dedicated to her side of tricks and treats.

Here's the view down the street this morning.


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