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Friday 4/12/24

Stayed up late watching hockey. No matter how late I stay up, the chances are very low that I won't be up before 5.

Wrote an op-ed this morning. Could do a prose off with it and and publicly humiliate some people at The Boston Globe--den of prejudiced lunatics over there--and there's a guy who writes these rote, dust-dry, empty, insight-free, lifeless, prosaic, "anyone could do this" Beatles pieces who gets hooked up by some bigots that I should paste with a prose off or two soon, too. Why not expand the prose off concept? Who doesn't love a good prose off? Oh, right.

Worked on a story for most of yesterday. A number are about to be done. Four, six. I don't know. Seven.

Between the hockey games I continued with my recent exploration of Grateful Dead versions of "Good Lovin'," which particular emphasis on the ones from Princeton in 1971 and Frankfurt in 1972.

Regarding the BC-Michigan Frozen Four game, which BC won 4-0: Thought the first goal was big. Michigan was carrying the play. BC loses too many face-offs. Fowler, the BC netminder, was excellent, though, and a stable, consistent, calming presence. BC is a quick-strike team because of their high-end talent. They can be getting outshot 7-0, and then there's a turnover, the transition game flies into action, and the puck is in the back of the other team's net, which is what happened. Got a fortunate bounce or two on the next goal, and that was mostly that.

Ryan Leonard was the snotty kid I mentioned from the interview during the Quinnipiac game, but he's a player. Many guys have moves, but what you see a lot less often is a player who can make those moves at top speed in circumscribed areas of space. He can do that. Fowler was a big factor and BC's best player in my view, but Gauthier was up there as well. The separation on the breakaway that he created for himself was revealing.

That means BC and Denver square off tomorrow for the championship. I went to one hockey game this year, and it was between those two teams very early on. Denver won, but BC could have and probably should have. I told someone at the time that I wouldn't be surprised if the two teams met again in the spring.

Time to run some stairs in the rain and do some push-ups in the mud.


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