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Monday 3/8/21

I find any interest that anyone has in the so-called "Royals" disturbing. Do you know what the central tenet of royalty is? Blood. Do you know what the central tenet of Nazi Germany was? Blood. Do you know what should be the only tenet that matters? Merit.

I wrote an op-ed today about helicopters and the larger idea of what I call good v. bad risk, which was very strong, and I'd like it to come out. Obviously the money, but it's just a really good piece.

What I have learned is that no matter how much a person has been given, no matter how little they do, how little they work, how devoid of character they are, how easy their life, how little they give to anyone else, how undeserving they are of everything handed to them, they will still cry victim. It's our DNA now. I think it borders on the impossible for someone not to cry victim, and almost all self-awareness, perspective, and empathy is gone.

Empathy does not exist because to be empathetic requires great energy and imagination. We have little energy, and we certainly have little imagination. But it takes work to reach out and imagine what someone else's life must be like. That requires creativity. And the antithesis of narcissism.

Everything in our culture now is geared towards the growing of narcissism. Hence, there is no empathy. Hence, the world is what it is. A boil that is never lanced.

Who profits the most off of this kind of world? The worst kind of people. And people with no ability and no morals. It is their world. What happens in following is that people change--devolve--to become more like that, so they can get ahead, get what has become like water to our survival--attention, that is--and there are fewer and fewer people of intelligence and character. They're lives become almost unlivable. They have no one. Their decency and intelligence leaves them behind, and leaves them on the outside.

If one is already paired off with someone, where they wish to be in what they do, they're protected. They have an enclave. But if you are out there, and you have ambition, because of what is inside of you, and the scope of your talent, and your will and your drive, and what you truly offer the world, you have almost no chance as you try to succeed on the back of merit and what you can bring to culture and society. I don't think any great artist or thinker in human history would have any kind of a chance right now. I think they would be absolutely fucked. And I don't know how not to be.


Later now. This site needs to be fixed. It has not been updated since mid-October. A major problem. Like forty things have come out since then but you wouldn't know it to visit the site. The battle station needs to be fully operational if I'm going to take down these frauds and bigots.

Walked three miles.

Wrote a second op-ed. It is awesome. A brilliant piece of satire about how our cancel culture--pegged to a takedown of Miss Piggy--has cost us the ability to understand degrees, nuance, satire itself, so that the world is just one big, mucus-y glob.

Someone needs to hire me full-time to write op-eds. I should not be begging around to try and get $500 for a two works that are unlike any other op-eds in this country. They're smarter, they're more correct, they're ballsy, and they're better written, and I deserve a platform, some kind of association and proper compensation. I see these half-wits with their prose drool and their salaries of millions of dollars, and my sleeping dick can write better than they do. And they're often morally repugnant, to boot. David Brooks, for example.


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