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Lay off the booze, boy

Tuesday 11/2/21

This is going to be very fast. It's after seven o'clock, I haven't eaten in over twenty-four hours, I just go, man. Need to shower for the first time today. Sold essays on The Three Investigators YA series and Powell and Pressburger's A Canterbury Tale. I did run 2000 more stairs, to get up to 5000 for the day. Mailed birthday cards to my sister and my nephew. Tonight's radio segment--which is here--was excellent. I talked about birds, God, hallway intrigue/revenge, drunken uncles, New England Patriots, baseball, a nature film from the mid-1940s, and an unintentional horror film from 1973. Who is better on the radio? Beatles stuff to do first thing tomorrow. I'll also be writing about Louis Armstrong for JazzTimes for Christmas, but Sun Ra first, for Thanksgiving. Need to get those done, and revise a Freddie Redd essay for someone else. This is Paul McCartney singing John Lennon's "I'm So Tired." Just another thing that was left off of the Let It Be box set.


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